Welcome to Better Town!

Better Town is a Minecraft Survival server for all. Here, you'll have classic Minecraft gameplay with some enhancements for a better online experience.

Server IP:

Discord: https://discord.gg/MA6XUVM

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it <3


Here is what you can expect in Better Town:

  • Player run economy
  • Chest Shops
  • PvE Oriented
  • Teleport with /tpa
  • Earn ranks to gain access to privileges
  • PvP Arena - You may lose your items!


Rules -


  • Be respectful! Have a good time without ruining others' fun.
  • No cheating! No x-ray, fly hacks, or glitch abuse.
  • No harassment! Do not harass or bother players.


  • No spam or excessive use of caps.
  • Do not advertise unrelated services in.
  • Do not beg mods, admins, or the owner for items or favors.


  • No griefing! There will be no modifying other players' builds without their consent whether it is protected or not.
  • Tear down all temporary builds like towers and bridges.
  • NO PIXEL ART like giant words large pictures.
  • Fully cut down your trees.
  • Do not build within 100 blocks of another player's build without asking.


  • Villager breeders should not create infinite villagers. Please kill extras.
  • Zero tick redstone farms, flying machines, and duplication technology is not allowed.
  • Turn off redstone clocks when not in use
  • Do not store mobs in minecarts or boats unless transporting them. (Certain mob farms are an exception.)
  • Minecarts should not be in motion when not being used.